Don’t be a toddle developer.

2 min readFeb 15, 2024

Expand your no-code skills beyond a single tool to become a versatile, multi-platform developer. Don’t limit your potential as a creator — grow with the web!

toddle developer

It was almost like I rediscovered programming when I met the next generation of developers who built terrific things with tools that didn’t require code. I almost forgot the magical feeling you get when you create something out of nothing. In the no-code community, you get that feeling everywhere.

With a new generation of developers comes new ideas. It’s an opportunity to rethink old practices and dogmas and a great time to introduce new paradigms. I would like to suggest one old idea that I think we should leave behind.

Don’t define yourself by the technology or tool you use. Tools and frameworks come and go, and the web remains.

The web has stood the test of time. The web platform is ever-evolving, and we always add unique new features. It’s a remarkably robust platform; websites built almost 30 years ago still work in today’s browsers. Just look at the Space Jam website from 1996.

Remember not to get too attached to the tools you use. Don’t let them define who you are. Be a web developer, an app developer, or a full-stack developer. Don’t be a React- or Bubble developer and…

don’t be a toddle developer.

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